“Desirable future”: a concept to encourage industries to create a more sustainable world


May 2022 marked six months since the creation of StimShift, a team specialised in breakthrough innovations for the environmental shift, which I co-founded with two very passionate colleagues. During these six months, we have been testing different pitches to our clients (i.e., industries and big companies in France and Europe): 

  • The invisible wall”: no amount of optimisation of the current industrial systems/manufacturing and business models could help industries reach the objectives set by the Paris Agreement. 
  • The regulations and laws will be tightened on climate and environmental issues.

The problem with this narrative is that it focuses a lot on “constraints” or sayings such as “you must do this, or else…”. It isn’t very inspiring and exciting. 

So we tried to think of some new narratives to encourage industries to take up their environmental shifts. The phrase “desirable future” was mentioned once by one of the co-founders of Stim, and it sounded exciting enough, so I had to try to write something about it. 

We ended up writing two articles on what we call the “desirable future” for businesses and industries – the why and the how. You can read them here: 

PART I: Is the future that you are imagining for your company desirable?, with the proposal of 6 new values that industries should strive for in order to stay relevant in the context of climate change and environmental degradation. 

The 6 Value model for a desirable future (StimShift,2022)

PART II: Here’s a shortcut to achieve a desirable future for your business, in which I tried to explain “the exponential efficiency of reaching for the 10X result”, industries and businesses do not have to pay a 10-time effort to reach their “desirable future” that they envision. 

The exponential efficiency of reaching the 10X result (StimShift,2022)

To continue on this narrative, we also produced and hosted a podcast called “Draw me a desirable future” (“Dessine-moi un futur désirable”), in which we invite inspiring and committed personalities to share their visions of tomorrow’s world, their own “desirable future” that they will be proud to leave to future generations. 

Podcast of StimShift on desirable futures

I am particularly proud of this podcast because we use a lot of imaginaries from Le Petit Prince, a beautiful work that has inspired generations and generations on the importance of kindness and love.

For those of you who speak French, you can listen to the podcast here on Spotify.

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